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In 1986, Portugal joined the European Economic Community (EEC) that later became the European Union (EU). On 26 March 1995, Portugal started to implement Schengen Area rules, eliminating border controls with other Schengen members while simultaneously strengthening border controls with non-member states. In addition Portugal had sovereignty over Goa, Mozambique, Angola, Brazil, Guinea and more recently Timor.

In this quality, and the peaceful relationship among those countries , Portugal privilege relation between Europe, Africa and Asia, therefore Portugal has to have the most liberal citizenship policy in Europe.

Becoming one of the 495 million citizens living in the European Union requires an attachment by law or nationality to one of the 27 member states, or countries, that belong to the EU because each country keeps its own laws and borders. You can only attain EU citizenship by being a citizen by law or birth of one of the EU member states or four non-member states. Citizenship in the European Union allows you to live, work, and travel freely in any of the member states, in addition to Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, and Switzerland.

É por todas estas razões que se pode afirmar que PORTUGAL É O PORTAL DE ENTRADA NA EUROPA.

For this reason we can affirm that PORTUGAL IS THE GATEWAY TO EUROPE, and citizens from countries wish were under Portuguese administration can apply to a Portuguese citizenship.

    If you fulfill the requirement from Portuguese nationality and you are from:
  • Goa, Damão, Diu, Dadrá e Nagar Aveli
  • Timor
  • Macau
  • Angola
  • Moçambique
  • Guiné Bissau
  • Cabo Verde
  • S. Tomé e Principe

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