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Civil Litigation

  • Pre-litigation Assistance
  • Assisting Clients in assessing the risks of judicial proceedings
  • Representing Clients in disputes filed before the Portuguese Courts, including injunction procedures
  • Accompanying Clients through all the existing phases of appeal in judicial proceedings.

Real Estate law
  • Legal support to companies in the sector of real estate, particularly in transactions involving the purchase, sale and / or assignment,
  • Urban rehabilitation,
  • Taxition
  • Rent
  • Sale
  • Contacts

Commercial Litigation
    Pgclawyers Commercial Litigation Group assists clients on all matters related to:
  • The suspension and/or revocation of resolutions passed by board of directors and/or shareholders
  • The liability of members of the corporate bodies of Portuguese companies
  • Designation and/or removal of members of the corporate bodies of Portuguese companies
  • The protection of minority shareholders
  • The breach of distribution and agency Agreements and related indemnity rights

Arbitration and Mediation Dedicated to the alternative resolution of all types of disputes.
    Our main activity consists in:
  • Assisting and representing clients in arbitrational proceedings
  • Promoting arbitration and mediation
  • Drafting arbitration clauses and agreements and selecting adequate Institutional Arbitration Center for the settlement of disputes

Criminal Litigation:
  • Criminal Proceedings and defence against Tax Offences
  • Court proceedings resulting from the violation of Intellectual Property rights
  • Crimes against person
  • Crimes against property
  • Crime Against Public Safety
  • Crimes constitucional rights

Employment law
  • Daily assistance regarding legal and conventional provisions
  • Drafting of labour contracts
  • Contract termination agreements
  • Social Security issues
  • Collective Agreements/Negotiations
  • Assistance in corporate mergers and acquisitions and in corporate restructuring
  • Stock options plans and fringe benefits

Family law
    All matter related to
  • Transcription of married, divorce, dead
  • Divorce
  • Nationality through the marrige
  • Adoption


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