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Nacionalidade Angolana

You can apply for portuguese citizenship if:

1. You were born in the erstwhile portuguese territories of Goa, Damao, Diu, Dadra and Nagar Aveli during portuguese rule – up until 1960;
2. If your are the son or daughter of anyone born in the erstwhile portuguese territories, regardless of where you were born;
3. If you are married to a portuguese citizen.
4. If you adopt by a Portuguese citizen
5. The rights of those born in the aforesaid territories during portuguese rule are garanteed by registration of birth, in Portugal.
6. The registration of person born in the territories during portuguese rule can be applied for, even if the person is deceased.
7. If alive, he or she should apply in person. If not, one of the descendants may apply.

Registration of this and all other pertinent facts in the portuguese civil registration service (registo civil) is a must in order to ensure portuguese citizenship for the descendants.



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